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I know you need tires.  Practically every motorcycle that comes into my shop needs tires.  You want choices, you need good prices and you want to have your tires mounted and balanced where you get your bike serviced.  With that in mind, I’ve now become a dealer for most major brands of motorcycle tires.  Some of these brands are Avon, Bridgestone, Dunlop, Michelin, Shinko and others.  We can get you cruiser tires, touring tires, dirt bike tires, V-twin tires or vintage bike tires.  

These tires are new, fresh stock.  Buying from us, a small shop, helps us keep our prices low and keeps our door open.  I think it’s very important to support local, small service shops that will work on any model or age motorcycle.  Don’t believe me?  Try getting your 1985 Honda serviced at one of the big branded dealers and see what they tell you.  I also know it’s very difficult to get your tires mounted at a shop that didn’t sell you the tires.  Not a problem here, we will mount them if they are new, in-date tires.   

If you prefer  do it yoursel, pick up the phone, call us and order your new tires, you can pay us by credit or debit card, and the tires will ship directly to you.  You don’t even have to get out of your chair!  


Order and pay for  your tires now through January 31, 2020, make an appointment for us to install them And I’ll do a free safety inspection of wheel bearings, brakes, chain and fasteners    You can order new tires now and  schedule the install  for later